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Re: MPlayer revisited

On Sun, Jun 12, 2005 at 03:25:19PM +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> Diego Biurrun <diego@biurrun.de> wrote:
> > I surely hope we're not at the point where constructive dialog has
> > become impossible.  I ask all of you to judge my words on their merit
> > and not past statements made by other people.
> I think we're not, but I don't know whether either mplayer
> developers or debian developers can convince a ftpmaster
> (which is where this tab stops) about this issue, or we
> have to wait for a legal brain to comment.

My problem is that ftpmasters are ephemeral creatures that are very hard
to come by.  I regularly attend Linux-related conferences and trade
shows and pass by the Debian booth every time in order to talk to
somebody about the MPlayer situation but I have so far never managed to
get my hands on an ftpmaster.  I always get answers along the lines of
"I know somebody who knows an ftpmaster.".  At CeBIT I finally spoke
with Jörg Jaspert, who is an ftpmaster assistant, but - as far as i
understood him - he does not have authority to make any final decisions.

So would it perhaps be possible to put me in direct contact with an
ftpmaster?  Direct communication does wonders when it comes to clearing
up confusion and uncertainty.

> [unclear description]
> > 1) It implies that MPlayer contains DeCSS, which it does not.  MPlayer
> >    contains libdvdcss.
> I think that's a new one to me and I accept the correction entirely.
> [...]
> > 2) It suggests that libdvdread is a replacement for libdvdcss, which it
> >    is not.
> Only if you view the text at a particular angle. That's why I call
> it accurate but unclear.
> I'll update it later.



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