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Re: MPlayer revisited

Diego Biurrun <diego@biurrun.de> wrote:
> I surely hope we're not at the point where constructive dialog has
> become impossible.  I ask all of you to judge my words on their merit
> and not past statements made by other people.

I think we're not, but I don't know whether either mplayer
developers or debian developers can convince a ftpmaster
(which is where this tab stops) about this issue, or we
have to wait for a legal brain to comment.

[unclear description]
> 1) It implies that MPlayer contains DeCSS, which it does not.  MPlayer
>    contains libdvdcss.

I think that's a new one to me and I accept the correction entirely.

> 2) It suggests that libdvdread is a replacement for libdvdcss, which it
>    is not.

Only if you view the text at a particular angle. That's why I call
it accurate but unclear.

I'll update it later.

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