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Re: MPlayer revisited

Diego Biurrun <diego@biurrun.de> wrote:

> I was told that it is now up to the FTP masters to review the package
> and admit it into the distribution.  I was also told that these people
> are worried that MPlayer might infringe upon software patents. [...]

..might infringe upon patents that will cause problems for debian,
in particular.

I understand it was sort-of on hold because it was too late for
the sarge freeze already. Maybe we can move on now and get it
into etch.

> But at the same time MPlayer is not special in the sense that it is just
> another multimedia player and very similar to VLC[4], xine[5], avifile[6],
> ogle[7] or FFmpeg[8] and many others, all of which are already a part of
> Debian.  These players differ in their feature set somewhat, but MPlayer
> does nothing that several of the others will not do as well.  Thus there
> is no reason to treat MPlayer differently, all players are affected
> equally by patents.

I'd be surprised if mplayer breaks any new patents for debian.

My summary of the issue is http://people.debian.org/~mjr/mplayer

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