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Re: Bittorrent licensing, take 2 [MPL and Jabber inside]

Le mercredi 30 mars 2005 à 22:42 +0000, MJ Ray a écrit :
> Can you give a reference for the discussion, please? The Jabber
> licence preamble appears to contradict the licence text and I'm
> not sure if they're significant. I didn't find matches for legal
> in the time around the Sep 2001 package licence change.

Indeed, but I couldn't find any references telling the JOSL is non-free.
It seems it was uploaded without checking the license...

> jabber.org claims that the jabberd (which I think is what debian
> has) is under the GPL. Most of the orig.tar.gz files I checked
> offered JOSL and GPLv2+ as alternatives. Maybe the debian/copyright
> file is just out-of-date?

That means distributing jabber isn't a problem, fixing the copyright
file should be enough.

> > Unless I'm missing something, we are not respecting these licenses when
> > distributing Mozilla and Jabber in the unstable tree, where the source
> > files aren't kept for 6 months as they should. I don't recall seeing
> > this discussion before, and it strikes me, as, DFSG-free or not, we are
> > violating these people's copyrights. Is there a way to deal with such an
> > issue?
> Yes. We apologise and stop distributing things under licences
> with which the archive network can't comply, even if it's
> not a DFSG problem.

That means stopping to distribute mozilla? That's a great pain. It seems
that mozilla's relicensing effort is advancing ; maybe we are at a time
where we can drop the un-relicensed files. The firefox and thunderbird
case is more problematic, as they are released only under the MPL.

> I can't think of another way, apart from
> redesigning the mirror software.

Just when we are considering to drop some architectures to spare some
mirror space?
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