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Re: Draft summary of Creative Commons 2.0 licenses (version 3)

Thomas <thomas@xicnet.com> wrote:
> The point -at least for me- is to figure out if others agree.
> Some of the main opinion against this point are that dfsg are directed 
> to software and cc are not.

I'm not familiar with Italian, but at least in some other languages,
this opinion has been motivated by confusing the words "software"
and "program". I can accept that CC are not directed towards programs,
although they may cover them just like any other literary work, but
I find it hard to believe that CC is not directed towards software,
as it seems to be used to cover software more than anything else.

> So, if a software license must be free, a 
> multimedia (I use this term to understand us, it could be not the 
> correct one) license has to be open content.

Please let's avoid the term "open content" here. (I think
"open source" is meaningless and want to avoid inflicting that
pain on other fields. http://mjr.towers.org.uk/writing/ambigopen.html
Learn from programmers' errors.)

> The difference lies in the rights granted in relation to the nature and 
> to the function of the information protected. [...]

Maybe. The "Fields of Endeavour" DFSG is usually taken as not
allowing the licensor to restrict the function, as I understand
it. So, if you want to limit function, it's hard to follow DFSG.

> I think that one of the most important aspects of 
> free/dfsg/opencontent/... is to create freedom. Freedom for authors and 
> for users. And a very important freedom is that they (both) can decide 
> which license to use. If they are not free in doing that, because if 
> they release their images with BY-SA, these images can't stay in debian 
> main distribution, than something is wrong. [...]

At this time, no CC-licensed work follows DFSG, in my opinion.
I think I agree with you: it looks like it should be possible.
I hope that you can encourage CC to work with willing developers.

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