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Bittorrent licensing, take 2 [MPL and Jabber inside]

I wrote to the BitTorrent authors about the new license for version 4,
and finally received an answer from them. There were 2 issues with this

1/ The choice of venue clause;
the authors would probably agree to remove it, only keeping the choice
of law, which is DFSG-free.

2/ The "keep source online" clause; for those who haven't read the
earlier discussion, here is what it looks like:
>         The Source Code for any version of Licensed Product or
>         Modifications that you distribute must remain available for at
>         least twelve (12) months after the date it initially became
>         available, or at least six (6) months after a subsequent version
>         of said Licensed Product or Modifications has been made
>         available.  You are responsible for ensuring that the Source
>         Code version remains available even if the Electronic
>         Distribution Mechanism is maintained by a third party.

Their line of reasoning is that it such a clause is present in several
other licenses: the APSL, RPSL, MPL and Jabber licenses. The APSL and
RPSL are non-free, so that's not a problem. IIRC, the MPL was said to be
problematic because of the clauses talking about patents, not about that
one. However, the Jabber license is considered DFSG-free.

Unless I'm missing something, we are not respecting these licenses when
distributing Mozilla and Jabber in the unstable tree, where the source
files aren't kept for 6 months as they should. I don't recall seeing
this discussion before, and it strikes me, as, DFSG-free or not, we are
violating these people's copyrights. Is there a way to deal with such an
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