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Re: Status of icons in latex2html


On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 21:43 -0800, Josh Triplett wrote:
> > So, I would like to ship the icons in the .deb, and repoint the links.
> > My problem is: is this legal?  Here is what I think is the relevant part
> > of the copyright:
> >
> > o  Any work distributed or published that in whole or in part
> >    contains or is a derivative of this software or any part
> >    thereof is subject to the terms of this agreement. The
> >    aggregation of another unrelated program with this software
> >    or its derivative on a volume of storage or distribution
> >    medium does not bring the other program under the scope
> >    of these terms.

Please note that the "selling clause" is the relevant part

> The Latex2HTML maintainer, Roland Stigge, contacted the upstream
> developer of Latex2HTML and his university, both of which indicated they
> would be willing to relicense under the GPL.  If they did so, you would
> clearly have no problem with GPL-compatibility; for that matter, you
> could simply Build-Depends: latex2html and build the documentation in
> the package.  However, upstream stated that they would relicense in the
> next version, which does not seem to have occurred.  I suggest that the
> easiest course of action would be to contact Latex2HTML upstream and
> requesting that he just make a permission statement (via email is fine)
> that grants permission to use Latex2HTML under the GPL.

Since I'm already doing this on a regular basis, other DDs shouldn't do
this in parallel. But it would be nice if others (maybe DDs in mufti)
would ask, too, to show general interest in this question.



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