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Bug#292629: libapache-mod-aspseek: GPLed module for a GPL-incompatible webserver (Apache)

Package: libapache-mod-aspseek
Version: 1.2.10-1.1
Severity: serious

Reviewing the license of the libapache-mod-aspseek package to verify whether
its license was compatible with the license of libmysqlclient12, I found
that this package's copyright file says it is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Unfortunately, while this is compatible with the MySQL license (which is
also GPL), it is not compatible with the Apache license:


As a result, it is my understanding that we do not have a license to
distribute libapache-mod-aspseek in binary form, because we cannot distribute
Apache under terms matching those of the GPL.  Please ask your upstream for a
license exemption that allows Debian to distribute mod_aspseek in binary
form so that this package can be included in the sarge release.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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