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Re: firmware status for eagle-usb-*

> > 
> > It does make me curious what the AIM situation is today: I'm assuming
> > the current clients work out-of-the-box, without making you download
> > AIM and stick it somewhere before it works.  (My Windows client, Trillian,
> > does, too.)  If they dropped this particular approach, it makes me
> > wonder why ...
> gaim appears to work around this by querying a web service at
> gaim.sourceforge.net to get the right data to send back.  Neither
> gaim-1.0.2 nor Debian seem to provide this: another place where gaim
> effectively requires non-Debian software.

we have the code to do that still, but its not currently necessary. at 
one point aol was requiring a hash of a given chunck of a given file. 
when that didn't work, they switched to asking for invalid chunks 
(beyond the end of the file for instance, or a 0 byte chunck). then they 
gave up and currently aren't even asking for that. we kept the code 
around in the client just in case they turn it back on.

gaim support

> Michael Poole
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