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Re: AbiWord, trademarks, and DFSG-freeness

O Venres, 15 de Outubro de 2004 ás 12:40:23 -0400, Raul Miller escribía:

> >  Oops, I have just thought of a case where it isn't so, at least in Spain.
> > The Spanish trade mark law allows the owner of a trademark to prohibit its
> > removal from a product.
> If we are prohibited from removing the name abiword from some derivative
> form of the program, then we must be allowed to have abiword on that
> derivative form.
> Alternatively, once we're not allowed to have abiword on the derivative
> form, we can't be prohibited from removing the name.

 But I was talking about whether trademark law alone would be able to make a
work DFSG-unfree.

 Therefore, I was taking the permissions for the trademarked name in
isolation, and so I said "if the trademark owner forbade us from removing
the trademarked name, the work would be DFSG-unfree".

 If the license for the trademarks and the license for the work were
inconsistent... well, it's not like it never happened before :-)

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