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Re: non-free firmware: driver in main or contrib?

"Marco d'Itri" <md@Linux.IT> writes:

> Firmwares do not run on the host CPU (they are /data/ for the host
> system),

Explain to me please the difference between that firmware and
3d-graphics code which is dumped directly to the GPU.

Or how about code in a multi-processor system, running on the slave device?

A computer is a device.  To the end-user, it's a black box with power
and network cables and a blinky thing on the front.  Distinguishing
between code on one chip vs. code on another is ridiculous.

The only answer which is philosophically consistent *and* practical is
to treat distinct hardware devices as hardware, and anything visible
to the user as software as software.


Brian Sniffen                                       bts@alum.mit.edu

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