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Re: JRockit in non-free, part II

Scripsit Johan Walles <walles@mailblocks.com>

> Take the Linux kernel for example. It is something that most Debian
> users use, and is shipped by Debian.  It is licensed under the GNU
> GPL. If users didn't agree to be bound by the GNU GPL, they wouldn't
> be allowed to use the Linux kernel.

That is false. The GPL explicitly puts *no* conditions on *using* the
software it covers.

In fact, the consensus interpretation of the DFSG is that a license
that requires users to agree legally to *anything* just for being
allowed to *use* the software, is not DFSG-free. If you find software
with such a license in main, file a 'serious' bug report and/or bring
the issue to debian-legal's attention.

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