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JRockit in non-free, part II

I'm unforturnately unable to post the license agreement in text format to either this list or to the RFP; it seems as if it gets eaten by a spam-filter along the way. I've contacted the listmaster though, so we'll see what happens. In the mean time I'll be happy to send my textified version off-line to anybody who's interested.

Also, I'm now subscribing to debian-legal, so I'll be able to reply properly in-thread.

Anyway, until I manage to post the license agreement I'd like to answer some of the (other) concerns I've seen.

First of all, if the re-distribution terms aren't satisfactory in some respect the terms can probably be negotiated. I'm working for BEA, and I know that BEA would like to have JRockit more widely distributed. Note that I'm not the one deciding on these terms, but if debian-legal can decide upon things that need to be changed before JRockit can go into non-free, I can pass that on.

I don't think there's a problem with the "value added solution(s)" that is supposed to be "service(s) which Distributor must bundle with the Software". The clause sounds a bit useless, but even though non-free isn't bundled with Debian, non-free is still a service provided to users of Debian. The service being that it's a lot easier for Debian users to install stuff from non-free than to get it from somewhere else.

As for the signing, that only has to be done by one Debian representative. This would be the package maintainer. The mirroring network is covered by paragraph 2.1: "distribute the Software, either directly or indirectly through multiple tiers of distributors", so they don't need to sign anything.

Also, since I'm really unsure about what the requirements actually are to get into non-free, is the EULA forbidding re-distribution a show-stopper? I guessed that as long as Debian was allowed to redistribute, forbidding end-users to re-distribute was more of a nuisance to the end-users than a show-stopper for JRockit going into non-free.

Regards //Johan

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