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Re: DRAFT: debian-legal summary of the QPL

O Martes, 13 de Xullo de 2004 ás 15:19:02 +0100, Matthew Garrett escribía:

> I'm also unconvinced by these examples. The first sounds like "A free
> software license should allow for small groups to avoid lawsuits while
> breaking the law", and the GPL can damage a wide range of perfectly
> legal business plans.

 Well, the intent behind the dissident test is not to protect you from
oppresive governments; it is to check whether the license forces you to
sacrifice your privacy.

 I wouldn't consider a license free if it said, for example, "if you modify
this program you must add your name to this wiki page as soon as possible".
It wouldn't fail the desert island test ("as soon as possible" might easily
mean "never") but it would fail the dissident test.

 Tests are only for testing, not for stretching as much as we can: "but he
can just ignore the license. If he's a dissident it's not like he's not
breaking any law". Oh, yes, but that's what the dissident test was made for.



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