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Re: Visualboy Advance question.

@ 27/06/2004 22:12 : wrote Anthony DeRobertis :

> Is it illegal if I own a game cartridge, and dump it? That part
> probably isn't; US copyright law, at least, give me permission to
> make a backup copy.

Under BR "computer programs" act (9.609/98), one backup copies and
*all* copies deemed "necessary to use the program" are fair game.

> US caselaw also lets me do things like copy my CDs to tapes to
> play in my car. I've even seen stereo systems with features
> especially made for this.
> I don't see why I couldn't legally copy my cartridges to my
> computer to play them. Is there any relevant caselaw?
>> This is very, very different to the case with your average image
>> viewer or script interpreter -- you can create some images
>> yourself, or write a script to be run.
> I can write a console game myself, too. Sure, a console game (at
> least one anyone would want to play) takes more effort, but I
> don't see why its an unreasonable use.

It's *not* unreasonable. The lack of widely-known Free ROMs does not
prove the lack of Free but lesser known ROMs. The emulator should go
to main IMHO.


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