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Re: Visualboy Advance question.

Dan Korostelev wrote:

Please, could someone explain me why visualboyadvance package is in
'contrib' section of Debian? It's free itself, it depends on free libs,
looks like it doesn't require any non-free stuff at all. There's also
free (as in freedom) roms for GBA in the net. So what's the problem?

PS BTW, there's new upstream version with nice GTK+ UI available, I
mailed a bug, but maintainer didn't replied for month.

The same reason fceu was in contrib until 'efp' was packaged, because the requires at least one piece of software that's not in Debian in order to be useful. Find a good free rom, package it, and VBA can move into main just like fceu did. zsnes remains in contrib for the same reason.

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