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Re: license change for POSIX manpages

Francesco Poli wrote:

> Moreover, the GPL requires that *source code* be accompanied or offered.
> This POSIX license requires that *nroff source* be included.
> What if I created a derivative work by
> step 0) converting it from nroff to some other typesetting language
>         (e.g. DocBook XML, LaTeX, XHTML, ...)
> step 1) then applying lots of modifications to it
> ?
> In that case, I'd say the new source code is in the other language (say,
> DocBook): with the GPL I'd have to accompany or offer the new source
> code in order to distribute my derivative work.
> But what should I do in order to distribute my derivative work *and* to
> comply with the POSIX license?
> No nroff source would exist for my derivative work...
> Such a derivative work would be undistributable, correct me if I'm
> wrong.

You're quite right, and that certainly renders it non-free.  :-P

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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