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Re: license change for POSIX manpages

On 2004-06-09 00:32:11 +0100 Andre Lehovich <andrel@U.Arizona.EDU> wrote:

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I've attached the full text of the new license.

Don't do that. I've inlined it.

The other
sentence that caught my eye is "This notice shall appear on
any product containing this material".  Is putting it in
/usr/share/doc sufficient?

You'll have to ask the copyright holder, I suspect. I hope it is.

Does this now meet Debian's criteria for distribution in


Redistribution of this material is permitted so long as this notice and the corresponding notices within each POSIX manual page are retained on
any distribution, and the nroff source is included.  Modifications to
the text are permitted so long as any conflicts with the standard
are clearly marked as such in the text.

It would be nice to remove "in the text" from the end of this, I think. It maybe also depends what the corresponding notices look like: are they just copyright assertions?

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