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Re: Which license for a documentation?

MJ Ray wrote:

> On 2004-06-04 11:43:45 +0100 Matthieu Delahaye <m.delahaye@esiee.fr>
> wrote:
>> [...] I just want to know if there is a list of
>> common license for documentation that are definitively known to be
>> free.
> I'm not sure about definitive, but generally most DFSG-free licences
> would work for any software and there are benefits from having your
> manuals under the same licence as your program.
> Related, is the following licence DFSG-free:
> "I grant permission to you to do any act with my work. Please ask me
> to link to mirrors. Please link to this site and credit the
> contributors. No warranty offered and no liability accepted."

I would assume so, because 'any act' is pretty damn broad.  This grants
permission to do anything you could do with a public domain work, read

However, there may be jurisdictions in which certain acts are assumed to be
excluded from 'any act' unless explicitly listed.  (Stuff like that happens
with warranties.)  Anyone know enough of the law to know whether there are
any 'catches' like that?

> ?  Also, does it seem legally useful?

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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