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Re: Which license for a documentation?

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Matthieu Delahaye wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm currently working on a correct debianisation of uC++ [1] with their
> author. They already provide debian packages but they are not 100%
> respecting Debian policies.
> The author wrote a consistent manual for this software [2]. Currently the
> "license" is not usable to be uploaded under Debian. It says:
> "Permission is granted to make copies for personal or educational use"
> They are ok to change the license of this document so that it can
> be DFSG free.
> Now the question is which one they should use.

He should use the same license as he uses for the program itself.  This has
a ridiculous number of advantages over any other choice.

> The problem of a 
> documentation license is not new and there is still some discussion
> about the freeness of some of them.
> My aim here is not to start a discussion about should these previous
> license be free or not free. I just want to know if there is a list of
> common license for documentation that are definitively known to be DFSG
> free.
> Thanks in advance,
> Matthieu Delahaye
> [1] : http://plg.uwaterloo.ca/~usystem/uC++.html
> [2] : ftp://plg.uwaterloo.ca/pub/uSystem/u++-5.0.ps.gz

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