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Re: Which license for a documentation?

On 2004-06-05 06:49:19 +0100 Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> wrote:

I think this license is actually legally nearly equivalent to giving the
work to the public domain.

I believe that is the intention. For some reason, I can find very little information on public domain grants in England and lawyers advise against trying to do it. Further, 2-clause BSD is just plain wordy for such a simple idea. It has the air of being written for "furren lores" which may even hide weaknesses for English use.

The Union for the Public Domain web site (www.public-domain.org) has no FAQ about this. Oddly, their site is not public domain (or even free software).

I thank this list's members for their indulgence. I will amend the version I use in light of the comments and tell others who use similar ones.

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