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Question about DFSG and a THC project


I am interested in packaging "hydra" from the THC group. I think that it
would be an excellent addition to the Debian project.

My question arises from an added license that is in the hydra-3.1.tar.gz
package that I downloaded from http://www.thc.org/releases.php

The package has two files of importance to this topic:

As it's not available on their website I will reproduce LICENCE.HYDRA

                        LICENCE FOR HYDRA (all version)
                     by van Hauser <vh@thc.org>

1. This software comes with no warrenty or promised features. If it
works for you - fine. It just comes "AS-IS", which means as a bunch of
bits and bytes.

2. Anyone may use this software and pass it on to other persons or
companies as long as it is not charged for! (except for a small
transfer/medium fee)

3. This tool may *NOT* be used for illegal purpose. Please check the law
which affects your doing. I will have got no liability for any damage
etc. done with this tool legally or illegaly.

4. If this tool is used while providing a commercial service (e.g. as
part of a penetration test) the report has to state the tools name and
version, and additionally the author (van Hauser) and the distribution
homepage (http://www.thc.org).

5. In all other respects the GPL 2.0 applies


The LISCENSE.GNU is the standard GPL 2.0

So my questions regarding this package should be pretty obvious by this

Is this even possible to package this and hope to get it into Debian?

Or would this just be considered non-free?

Should I email the upstream author and ask if he can remove those
additional restrictions to facilitate his project becoming a Debian

Thanks in advance!

Jake Appelbaum <jacob@appelbaum.net>

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