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Re: about licenses for 3D models

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On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 02:54:16PM +0200, Jiba wrote:
> About a character 3D model, I am wondering if such a statement can occur
> in a free license:
> "You can re-use the model, but you must keep the name of the character,
> and his background".

I can't find anything which immediately contravenes the DFSG.  You might
have a problem with DFSG 10 (if the name and background of the "character"
would be a considerable chunk of information to have to include in your
software), although I think it's a stretch.  The other problem is going to
be modification -- the licence to the model must allow free modification and
redistribution of modified forms, and how modified should the work be before
we can change the name?  If never, then it's going to be a bit weird with
all these different-looking characters with the same name and background...

Basically, I can't think of anything which is immediately problematic, but I
can think of plenty of potential problems that could occur.

Are you looking at this licence term from a producer or consumer point of

- Matt

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