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Re: about licenses for 3D models

Hi Jiba,

Am Di, den 20.04.2004 schrieb Jiba um 14:54:
> About a character 3D model, I am wondering if such a statement can occur
> in a free license:
> "You can re-use the model, but you must keep the name of the character,
> and his background".
This would render the licence non-free, since you restrict modification
(the background can't be changed). I am not sure about the name thing,
and leave that to debian-legal.

> The idea is to create a recurrent character in different games, like
> Mario of Link.
I'd suggest you to keep the licence free, and especially use a proven
one, like the MIT or GPL licences. You can then add a note, that does
not belong to the licence, stating what you intend. Most people will
stick to that - the world is not as bad as it seems :-)

nomeata, guest on debian-legal
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