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Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT) license

Is the following license (not subject to copyright and in the public
domain) free? I think it is. However, I would like to see if there is
any objection.

* Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT): Linear Algebra Module
* Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division
* National Institute of Technology,
* Gaithersburg, MD USA
* This software was developed at the National Institute of Standards and
* Technology (NIST) by employees of the Federal Government in the course
* of their official duties. Pursuant to title 17 Section 105 of the
* United States Code, this software is not subject to copyright
* protection
* and is in the public domain.  The Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT) is
* an experimental system.  NIST assumes no responsibility whatsoever for
* its use by other parties, and makes no guarantees, expressed or
* implied,
* about its quality, reliability, or any other characteristic.
* see http://math.nist.gov/tnt for latest updates.

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