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Re: DRAFT summary of the OPL; feedback requested

Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS <edmundo@rano.org> writes:
> Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org>:

>> + - The person who makes any modifications must be identified.
>> +   According to the Dissident Test this is an unacceptable
>> +   restriction on modification.  (See the DFSG FAQ[1] for a
>> +   description of the Dissident Test.)
> Maybe I understand the word "identified" differently from other
> people, but for me "identified" does not mean "identified in such a
> way that the police can find the person".

But it might.  Or "identified in such a way the original author can find
the person" which would mean much the same thing.

> In context it seems to me
> that the most reasonable interpretation of "identified" is with
> respect to other people in the ChangeLog. So, you don't pretend to be
> someone else in the ChangeLog, and you don't pretend to be more than
> one person in the ChangeLog. But you can use a nom de guerre if you
> want. (And you can use just your real name, if you want, even if your
> real name is something like "John Smith" which wouldn't help the
> police much on its own.)

If that's the case, it should be clarified.  It's not obvious to me, at
least, what they're trying to accomplish by this.  Assuming that they
want to know who made the modifications seems a reasonable
interpretation to me.

(Didn't this come up in the original discussion...?)

Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org>
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