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Re: Debian Legal summary of the X-Oz License (Proposed)

On Feb 22, 2004, at 20:21, Simon Law wrote:

	But of course, this leads to an interesting discussion.  Does
Debian Legal consider the four-clause BSD license to be DFSG-free?

If it were a new license, and we were asked about it today, I think we'd eventually say "no".

Personally, I feel that it is not free, except for the grandfathering.

it violate DFSG 9?  Or is it grandfathered in by DFSG 10?  Note that
DFSG 10 does not indicate _which_ BSD license it is talking about.

While the DFSG doesn't, I believe chronology does. I think DFSG 10 was written before the Great Relicensing, so the modern BSD did not exist at the time.

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