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Re: Debian Legal summary of the X-Oz License (Proposed)

Scripsit Simon Law <sfllaw@debian.org>

>        3. The end-user documentation included with the redistribution, if
>           any, must include the following acknowledgment:
>             "This product includes software developed by X-Oz Technologies
>              (http://www.x-oz.com/)."
>           Alternately, this acknowledgment may appear in the software itself,
>           if and wherever such third-party acknowledgments normally appear.

> Clause 3 is a complex statement, which appears to be derived from the
> obsolete four-clause BSD license.  We believe that this clause can be
> satisfied by including the license text as end-user documentation.

I am not so sure anymore, after Branden has testified [:-)] that the
author has explicitly refused to change it to a more conventional and
unambiguous. Given that it's certainly *possible* to interpret the
clause as meaning something nasty, I think we shouldn't touch it with
a poker until and unless the author officially endorces a clear and
clearly DFSG-free interpretation of the clause.

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                           briefing slides instead of technical papers as an
 illustration of the problematic methods of technical communicaion at NASA."

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