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Re: european data grid

>  EU DataGrid Software License

>   1. Redistributions of this software, with or without modification, must
>   reproduce the above copyright notice and the above license statement as well as
>   this list of conditions, in the software, the user documentation and any other
>   materials provided with the software.


>   2. The user documentation, if any, included with a redistribution, must include
>   the following notice: "This product includes software developed by the EU
>   DataGrid (http://www.eu-datagrid.org/)."

ok. Traditionally, Debian includes these in

>   Alternatively, if that is where third-party acknowledgments normally appear,
>   this acknowledgment must be reproduced in the software itself.

(I don't think they meant "alternatively" here, but doesn't matter.)

>   3. The names "EDG", "EDG Toolkit", “EU DataGrid” and "EU DataGrid Project" may
>   not be used to endorse or promote software, or products derived therefrom,
>   except with prior written permission by hep-project-grid-edg-license@cern.ch.


>   4. You are under no obligation to provide anyone with any bug fixes, patches,
>   upgrades or other modifications, enhancements or derivatives of the
>   features,functionality or performance of this software that you may develop.
>   However, if you publish or distribute your modifications, enhancements or
>   derivative works without contemporaneously requiring users to enter into a
>   separate written license agreement, then you are deemed to have granted
>   participants in the EU DataGrid a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free,
>   perpetual license to install, use, reproduce, display, modify, redistribute and
>   sub-license your modifications, enhancements or derivative works, whether in
>   binary or source code form, under the license conditions stated in this list of
>   conditions.

ok. Interesting weak copyleft, btw.

Looks fine to me. As MJ Ray mentioned, it's not GPL-compatible, so
beware of linking issues.

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