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Re: european data grid

On 2003-10-13 16:46:41 +0100 A Mennucc <mennucc1@debian.org> wrote:


Interesting. It seems to be an "old BSD" style licence, with some clauses combined and the following addition:

4. You are under no obligation to provide anyone with any bug fixes, patches, upgrades or other modifications, enhancements or derivatives of the features,functionality or performance of this software that you may develop. However, if you publish or distribute your modifications, enhancements or derivative works without contemporaneously requiring users to enter into a separate written license agreement, then you are deemed to have granted participants in the EU DataGrid a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual license to install, use, reproduce, display, modify, redistribute and sub-license your modifications, enhancements or derivative works, whether in binary or source code form, under the license conditions stated in this list of conditions.

The intent seems to be to create a weak-copyleft-default licence that looks like the BSD one. I think it is GPL-incompatible for the same reasons as the old BSD licence (so pay attention when using it), but I think it may be DFSG-free.

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