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Re: MPlayer DFSG compatibility status

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 04:42:30AM +0200, Gabucino wrote:
> So this is not a problem - again.

And you're being rudely dismissive - again.  Stop acting as if mplayer has
never had licensing problems - again - and as if being careful of
licensing problems is a waste of time - again.

Debian folks are extending infinite patience, and in response you have
been consistently impatient, rude, and now you're pretending you're
being persecuted.  If your goal is really to get mplayer into Debian,
your attitude is unhelpful.  All it buys you is flamewars and killfiles.

(I've had enough of "Gabucino".  Re-plonk.)

Glenn Maynard

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