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Re: snippets

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 02:53:21PM -0600, Barak Pearlmutter wrote:
> Well this is good.  So we'd agree that, as a practical matter, we
> should not file bugs about snippets, not worry about them, not talk
> about them, and just leave snippet-related issues to the discretion of
> individual package maintainers. 

You're putting words in my mouth (again).

If it appears that a piece of material in Debian main, large or small,
may be licensed non-freely (or not licensed at all), then a person is
entitled to file a bug about it, and the matter should be taken
seriously by the maintainer.

If it appears that a piece of material in Debian main, large or small,
is missing copyright and/or licensing information, but can reasonably be
construed to share the same license terms as the other material in the
package, then there is nothing to worry about until and unless some
person steps forward to claim both copyright and an infringement

> This is how I'd describe what we've
> done in the past, so if you think that is a continuation of current
> and historic Debian practice then we agree about that as well.

You seem to be proposing that we deliberately close our eyes to DFSG
problems we may encounter, as long as the problem encountered is
"small".  I am proposing that we not embark on a comprehensive audit of
every byte in Debian main.

I suggest that we not interpret the absence of a copyright notice or
license terms on a file not be interpreted as a priori evidence of
non-DFSG-freeness, or a lack of licensing altogether.

As I said before, each case will have to be judged ad hoc on a
case-by-case basis.  We do not have the manpower to do a comprehensive
audit of Debian main, and furthermore the Free Software community,
particularly historically, has not been so assiduous about licensing
issues that every questionable case we might encounter could be quickly
resolved one way or the other.  We will have to be content with
imperfect knowlegdge.

I do not understand why it is such a struggle for you to understand my

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