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Re: snippets

I wrote:

> ... we won't go on a snippet witch hunt, but we also won't
> encourage snippets or even really talk about them.  That would be
> my preference.

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> replied:

> I fail to see how this [argument] substantially differs from the one I
> already made:

Well this is good.  So we'd agree that, as a practical matter, we
should not file bugs about snippets, not worry about them, not talk
about them, and just leave snippet-related issues to the discretion of
individual package maintainers.  This is how I'd describe what we've
done in the past, so if you think that is a continuation of current
and historic Debian practice then we agree about that as well.

If that is a fair summary, I think we can declare this thread closed!

Truly a happy day in debian-legal.

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