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Mathieu Roy <yeupou@gnu.org> writes:

>   - Several persons of Debian stated on that list that they would drop
>     any political text of GNU in GNU packages they may maintain.

Not "any political text" and not just "of GNU" nor just "in GNU
packages", but any non-free content in any packages, regardless of
origin. It's just a sad fact that the GNU packages are the ones with the
most prominent such text.

>   - But even if Debian do not drop the GNU
>     political/philosophical/... texts from the packages, what will do
>     the other distro, way more popular than Debian, which does not
>     even recognize the collection of software they ship as GNU/Linux? 

They probably don't have as strong principles regarding the freedoms
granted to their users regarding _everything_ they receive and thus
aren't bothered by shipping non-modifiable political texts, whether from
GNU or anyone else.


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