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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

>> First, try to answer to several simply questions.

>If you do likewise.

>> 0) Is printed Emacs Manual in bookstore a software or hardware?

>No. Is it in Debian?

>> 1) Is Emacs Manual recorded on CD-Audio a software or hardware?

>No. Is it in Debian?

>> 2) Is Debian/main printed as book a software or hardware?

>No. Is it (still) in Debian?

>> 3) Why? What differs from 0,1?

>It doesn't.

>> 4) Is Debian/main printed into punch-cards a software or hardware?

>The punch cards themselves are hardware; however, the information
>contained on the punch cards is still software.

>> 5) Why? What differs from 0,1,2?

>A computer can make sense of it without stuff like OCR software.

>> 6) Is Debian/main written on CD-ROM a software or hardware?

>The CD-ROM itself is hardware; however, the information contained on the
>CD-ROM is still software.

>> 7) Why? What differs from 0, 1,2,4?

>No difference with 4, but differences with 0,1,2 as in 5.

>> 8)Is Debian logo written on [cover of] the same CD-ROM software or
>> hardware?

>No. Is it in Debian?

	So, your definition of "software" is heavily
Debian-specific. Even ftp.debian.org-specific, since you do not
recognise covers of Debian CDs as subject of DFSG.

	What you think about DFSG 8?

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