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Re: Respect for Upstream Authors and Snippets of Interest

Jan Schumacher <uzs5p3@uni-bonn.de> (using an expired key) writes:

> Fair enough. However, all of these statements are removable, and their
> modification is probably not prohibited by the license.

The flow of the argument was: one example of Debian's respect for
upstream authors is not removing these requests and offers.  If they
were unremovable, this would have made a poor example.

>                 Do you believe
> unmodifiable essays like the GNU Manifesto could be accepted in Debian with
> the DFSG as they stand?

This is not a matter of belief.  This is longstanding, and heretofore
uncontroversial, accepted Debian practice.  The GNU manifesto is in
Debian right now, right where it belongs: /usr/share/emacs/21.2/etc/GNU
and analogous locations in emacs20 and xemacs.  The Debian ftpmasters
are doubtless quite aware of such snippets, and have no problems with
them.  *Changing* this tradition would be a big deal.

If there were a package whose bulk consisted of the GNU manifesto and
related materials, I think people might have some problems with that.
Certainly I would.  That would also not fit the definition of a
"snippet" I gave, which was an attempt to explain current Debian

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