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Re: Respect for Upstream Authors and Snippets of Interest

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On Saturday 27 September 2003 03:31, Barak Pearlmutter wrote:
> Debian has a longstanding practice of respect for upstream authors.
> For instance, if the author of a GPLed program includes a statement in
> a README "please if you like this program I'd very much appreciate it
> if you sent me $10", we do not remove such a statement.  We even
> include offers by the author to sell the right to include the code in
> a proprietary program.  To my knowledge, in all the many thousands of
> packages in Debian, such statements have never been removed!  Even
> though Debian might find such an offer repulsive, we respect our
> upstream authors enough to include them.

Fair enough. However, all of these statements are removable, and their
modification is probably not prohibited by the license.

> People who say that such snippets have no place in Debian, and
> constitute violations of the DFSG, are attempting to impose a very
> "foolish consistency".  And Jan Schumacher's statement:
> > A /non-modifiable/ text could not be included in Debian, a
> > /modifiable/ one would most likely be.
> is a load of hooey.  Inclusion of snippets is not a violation of the
> DFSG. Such an overly-literal interpretation of the rules is precisely
> why we call them D-F-S-***GUIDELINES***!  Because we use common sense
> in their application.

That is what (I hope) all participants are doing. I don't think, though, that
we have been talking about little snippets, exactly. Do you believe
unmodifiable essays like the GNU Manifesto could be accepted in Debian with
the DFSG as they stand?

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