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Re: Unidentified subject!

Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
We reject the GFDL because it is not merely incomptability of

Here's the test.  I want to write a brand new program.  I insist it be
free software, but I am otherwise entirely agnostic about which free
software license I use.  I will use any license.

I want to incorporate parts of a GFDL'd manual into this new program.
I am not going to incorporate any other previously written bits from
any source.
For instance, I'm writing a new self-documenting make program (I was actually in the process of doing this at one point, although it's been suspended for a while). It uses very different algorithms from existing 'make's (so doesn't benefit from other 'make's code). But it would benefit greatly from lifting portions of the "GNU Make" manual for documentation.

What license should I use for my program?

This is not a case of incompatibility.

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