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Re: Unidentified subject!

    Your casual suggestion to "pick whichever seems better" leaves out the
    object: better for whom?  For the Free Software community?  For the
    Free Software Foundation, whose goals are quite different?

That is a cheap shot, because it reflects only your decision to be
nasty.  I could make the same kind of cheap shot by saying "Better for
whom?  For the Free Software community?  Or for Debian, whose goals
are quite different?"  I choose not to do this, but others do it to

(Frankly, I didn't even think about "better for whom".  I certainly
didn't imagine it meant "Better for the FSF".  In the FSF we avoid
these gray areas, so we would never be the ones deciding.)

The Free Software Foundation built the free software community, years
before Debian was started, using the same policies that you are
criticizing now.  That doesn't mean you have to agree with our
policies, but it makes your cheap shot even cheaper.

Cheap shots like this are another reason why I have decided not to
discuss the matter further.

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