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Looking Forward to a DFSG Free GFDL [Was: Re: There was never a chance of a "GFDL compromise"]

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Richard Stallman wrote:
>     > This reinforces my conclusion that it is essential for these sections
>     > to be unremovable as well as unmodifiable.
>     To serve the ends of GNU, perhaps. But it doesn't seem to serve
>     the needs of the larger Free Software community.
> It serves the free software community by resisting the
> counterproductive efforts of well-meaning but dogmatic Debian
> developers.

I guess it seems odd to me to hearing someone like yourself who
believes strongly in Freedom to call others who believe as strongly
(or even more so) in Freedom "dogmatic".

Dogmatic or not, Freedom is very important to us. You may call efforts
to assure our freedoms counterproductive, as I would guess many of
your peers and/or supervisors at MIT called your efforts to establish
GNU and the FSF counterproductive. I, for one, don't think that
working to increase or maintain freedom is ever counterproductive.

Looking forward, I sincerely hope that the FSF and GNU will consider
drafting amendments to the GFDL that will remove the issues that
hinder it from acceptance into Debian. Can you enlighten us on how
such a process would work in the FSF and/or GNU?

If that doesn't happen, your only recourse (assuming you would like
GFDL documents in Debian) is to find a Debian Developer willing to
work with you to draft and propose on -project a GR to modify our
foundation documents to allow for licenses along the lines of the GFDL
into Debian. I'm not personally aware of a DD who feels that we should
consider licenses like the GFDL separately from the DFSG, but I assume
there are a few out there.

Don Armstrong

I leave the show floor, but not before a pack of caffeinated Jolt gum
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