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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

Etienne Gagnon <etienne.gagnon@uqam.ca> a tapoté :

> Mathieu Roy wrote:
> >>
> >>LOGICIEL: n.m. Ensemble de travaux de logique, d'analyse, de
> >>programmation, nécessaires au fonctionnement d'un ensemble de
> >>traitement de l'information <Emphasis> (opposé à matériel) </emphasis>.
> >>
> >>(Emphasis mine).
> >>
> >>A translation of the emphasized text is: (opposite to hardware).
> > Apparently you forgot to read/understand the rest of the phrase.
> No, I did not.  Dictionaries try to enumerate all the usual meanings
> of words.
> When I teach my Computer Architecture course (in French, I'm in
> Montreal), I have to make a distrinction between hardware and
> software, in the first lectures.  I use, the term "logiciel" to mean
> software, in the broad (yet seldom used) sense, which is indicated
> above in the definition between parentheses (i.e. not hardware).
> In other words, ask yourself: what is the opposite of matériel
> (hardware) in French?  Yes, French defines "logiciel" as the opposite
> of hardware.  There are no other terms, as far as I know.  I agree
> that it is not common to attach this semantic to this word, but it is
> allowed.
> Please do not assume that every single word (in French, or in
> English) has a single meaning (semantics).  Most words have a
> variety of meanings, that can change in a very subtle manner,
> depending on their context of use. Logiciel is such a word.

I never said the contrary. On that list, people pretend that in
English the common sense in to use software about anything on a
computer but hardware. This is not the common sense in French, at

(Please refer to the Academie Française's definition that I previously
copy/paste here, which is the authority on the topic.)

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> unless I ask for it. 

Correct, but please would you like to set an appropriate X-Followup
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> As you seem to be a new maintainer (NM)

(What's the point? I seen many very official maintainer for a long time
having the same problem, and no one was daring telling them that they

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