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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

Etienne Gagnon <etienne.gagnon@uqam.ca> a tapoté :

> Mathieu Roy wrote:
>  > Since Debian use the translation "Logiciel" for Debian French pages,
>  > it means that the word software must be clearly defined by Debian.
> Mathieu,
> I would suggest that you to carefully read "Le petit Robert"'s
> definition for "logiciel".  (For those of you that are not French
> speaking, Le petit Robert is one of the most respected French language
> dictionaries.)
> In the 1983 edition (on my desk) I read:
> LOGICIEL: n.m. Ensemble de travaux de logique, d'analyse, de
> programmation, nécessaires au fonctionnement d'un ensemble de
> traitement de l'information <Emphasis> (opposé à matériel) </emphasis>.
> (Emphasis mine).
> A translation of the emphasized text is: (opposite to hardware).

Apparently you forgot to read/understand the rest of the phrase. 

> So, Debian's use of the word "logiciel" in french seems quite in
> line with the English semantics used by people on debian-legal.

Please, try to pretend to any educated French person that his Bible on
his computer is a Logiciel :))

Mathieu Roy
  Not a native english speaker: 

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