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Re: There was never a chance of a "GFDL compromise"

* Richard Stallman (rms@gnu.org) [030922 00:50]:
>     If you are aware of the existence of unmodifyable essays and logos in
>     debian main, please file an RC bug against the package in question.
> You seem to be saying that if our political statements, which are
> included as invariant sections, could be removed from our manuals, you
> would make a point of removing them.

If the whole docu would be DFSG-free, than there would be no cause to
remove polical statements. And at least I would consider an attempt to
remove a DFSG-free political essay from a DFSG-free manual as a severe
impoliteness, and would of course try to stop this.

Perhaps you should try to differ between "have the right to" and
"intend". It's not that some (or most) readers here want to remove
your political statements - on contrary, most here are supporting your
goals. It's just that Debian requires the freedom to modify. We
require that from each software vendor, and also from the FSF.

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