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Re: Unidentified subject!

    >     You have mistaken the objection.  There is no reason to think it would
    >     be a small fractional increase, especially since little parts of
    >     manuals--single paragraphs even--are useful reusable bits just in the
    >     way that single functions of Lisp are.
    > Reusing a single paragraph is fair use--you don't need to follow the
    > license conditions.

    This is not true if we are reusing all the paragraphs, by extensive
    reworking and reassembly.  (Say, to manufacture doc strings.)

You raised one scenario and I responded to that.  Now you're saying my
statement doesn't apply to a different scenario.  It wasn't meant to.

Let's not mix up different issues--that makes a discussion which
doesn't treat any issue thoughtfully.

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