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Unidentified subject!

> It adds some practical inconvenience, but practically speaking the
> magnitude is not great, so there's no reason not to do it.

Let's say I write a (GPL) compiler for Perl 2045, and someone writing a
(GPL) sample implemenation of Fortran 2045 wants to borrow my regex code. 
They can do so; the only thing stopping them will be technical problems.

Let's say I write a (GFDL) manual for Perl 2045, and include in there
an invariant section about the true gods and how mankind turning away
from them have brought disaster on his head. Someone writing the (GFDL)
standard for Fortran 2045 can't borrow the section about regexes; extended
off-topic sections just aren't appropriate for a standard. Someone writing
the (GFDL) manual for the GF45 compiler might have invariant sections, 
but won't be willing to copy my rant into his work; better to rewrite
the section then annoy half the users. So the invariant sections have made
politics an issue and added serious non-technical problems, even to someone
using the same license.

As a Debian developer, I won't ever support that forces me to support the 
politics of previous developers or people I want to borrow documention from.
(As a Debian maintainer, I see no need to go around removing those sections,
but as a occasional upstream, I find it important to be able to remove them
or relegate them to a supplementary directory.) 

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