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Re: Unidentified subject!

Branden Robinson writes:
Fortunately, it is not as much work as we might fear.  At least four GNU
Manuals that have recently had Invariant Sections added to them and
were relicensed under the GNU FDL were DFSG-free in earlier versions.
Search the archives of this list for "traditional GNU documentation
However, important works like the GNU Emacs manual, _Using and Porting
GNU CC_, and _The GNU C Library Reference Manual_ have had invariant
sections for several years at least.

That's good to hear. Of course another related concern is forward-looking. It is a terrible waste of scare resources to have Debian create a DFSG-free manual every time a GFDL-licensed manual is produced for some new piece of software. Perhaps this situation will be avoided in other ways such as making efforts to encourage dual-licensing. But for now, I think it'd be best to avoid the situation altogether by seeking common ground. Hopefully something can be worked out.

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