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Preferred license for documentation


I have some documentation and documentation-like material that I am getting
ready to release, and figured this would be an opportune time to ask this

What license do people here recommend for doing so?

I like some of the aims of the FDL (*NOT* the invariant sections), such as
trying to keep things readable with non-proprietary software, but I'd rather
avoid the quagmire of how they're implemented in the FDL :-)

Suggestions anyone?

Specific questions regarding:

 * Open Publication License; debian-legal archives show
   that it may have been considered free at one time but now is
   questionable.  Can anyone shed some light there?

 * Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike[1] seems to be endorsed by some,
   though I couldn't find much discussion.  Thoughts?

-- John

[1] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/1.0/legalcode

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