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Re: old and new GNU documentation licenses, and the some of the manuals to which they apply

Peter S Galbraith  schrieb/wrote:
> Claus Färber <claus@xn--frber-gra.muc.de> wrote:
>> It can be a seperate XML (or whatever) file that's only read by the
>> software.

> But that's not what he meant!  Please don't change what he said to fit
> your view.

That's your interpretation of what he said. Please don't interpret what
he said to fit your view.

> That would be a major inconvenience to do in elisp instead of
> simply insert the text in the code.

Which is a bad programming practice as it makes translations harder.

Further, texts so smalled can hardly be based on full-text documentation  
but have to be re-written anyway. They are probably trivial enough not  
to be copyrightable anyway.

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