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Re: old and new GNU documentation licenses, and the some of the manuals to which they apply

Peter S Galbraith  schrieb/wrote:
> Claus Färber <claus@xn--frber-gra.muc.de> wrote:
>> Sorry, but that's plain wrong. For a GPL program including an online
>> help viewer or calling an external help viewer, the online help is
>> just "data" that does not have to match the licence of the program.

> That is _not_ what he meant.  He meant cut/paste docs from the manual
> into the software to have it displayed either as a tooltip or
> otherwise.   The documentation needs to become an intrinsic part of
> the code to do that.

It can be a seperate XML (or whatever) file that's only read by the  

> As for `So info can't display non-GPL documentation either?', well
> sometimes I wonder about that too.  The info file provides computed
> information to let reader program know where the information resides,
> and what information resides there, much like a library.

The same is basically true for HTML and XML documents. Can you have a  
free web browser display non-free web pages? Should Galeon (or Konqueror  
or ...) refuse to display the FSF's homepage because it is not GPL'd?

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