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Re: Some licensing questions regarding celestia

Quoting Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet (galactus@stack.nl):

> True. However, since we were discussing whether a license 
> necessarily is a contract, it seems strange to bring up
> a copyright treaty that has nothing to do with contracts.

Actually, it's that other guy who's fixated on contracts.  (Every time
a copyright licence discussion starts, there's always at least one such

The point is that copyright regimes tend to be generally similar across
most jurisdictions because of efforts to standardise them to benefit
international business.  E.g., the Berne Convention.  

Thus, although I doubt I'll ever become more than vaguely familar with
the fine details of most of the world's legal systems, it seems very
likely that most copyright regimes that participate in the international
framework will have mostly similar provisions in that area.  That was my
point of mentioning in passing the Berne Convention.

> Anyway, I think the only thing we can conclude is that it is
> in some countries possible for the GPL to be interpreted as 
> a contract, and in some countries it is not. 

I will certainly acknowledge the claims advanced here about German law.
I'm curious about specifics of that and other countries that might be
mentioned, and look forward to seeing them.  (Unfortunately, my command
of the German language probably isn't good enough to follow references.)

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